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When one of the UK’s largest facilities management companies won a prestigious contract to service a large London Docklands office complex, they enlisted shentongroup to manage the maintenance of its standby generator sets.  The project included replacing four Air Circuit Breakers through a coordinated series of building closures.

The Problem

shentongroup Director, Darren Meek, detailed the standby power system that its client adopted when it took over the premises: “The original power units were Mitsubishi devices and were fitted when the building was constructed in the early eighties.  Although they have proved extremely reliable over the years, they’ve become obsolete and needed replacing in order to maintain the integrity and reliability of the electricity supply to each building”.

The obsolete ACB units needed replacing.  However, because the office buildings were home to numerous businesses, it was required that the work be conducted outside of office hours and over a series of re-planned weekends.


Recognised as the main UK service and maintenance company for the Mitsubishi range of ACB products, the facilities management company turned to shentongroup to undertake the task of the phased replacement programme.

shentongroup’s Darren Meek added details: “Replacing the Air Circuit Breakers in the low voltage distribution panels across four of the client’s buildings required a great deal of planning.  To carry out the work, a scheduled shut down of each building was implemented.  Also, shentongroup engaged in a great deal of advanced planning with a number of different companies and agencies to ensure that the work was completed on time and that the day to day operations in each building were not interrupted”.

The work involved the removal of the obsolete ACB units, the modification of the copper busbar connections, the fitting of rack frames and new ACB’s, together with injection testing and calibration.

Elaborating on the project specifics, shentongroup’s Darren Meek said: “Regular maintenance and servicing of Switchgear and Air Circuits Breakers (ACB’s) is essential for reliable and trouble-free operation.  The client now has the assurance of shentongroup’s ongoing support through a comprehensive support and maintenance contract which provides technical and maintenance support 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.  shentongroup has a nationwide team of Service engineers trained to provide ongoing and scheduled maintenance on all makes and sizes of switchgear and ACB’s”.


The client’s Operations Manager commented on his company’s experience in working with shentongroup: “The project required considerable planning which shentongroup carried out in a very professional manner.”

The ACB’s were systematically replaced whilst the staggered building closures were managed efficiently and professionally.  All the work was undertaken out of hours and over a series of pre-planned weekends. It was completed on time and within the budget limits imposed by the contract.

An extensive set of pre-calibrated ACB’s and spare parts were also supplied to enable the repair or replacement of any faulty components in the coming years.

The client now benefits from the assurance that all buildings feature reliable and efficient standby power systems.  Their shentongroup maintenance and support contract means that their system will remain in pristine working order, with ongoing monitoring and 24 hour support.

The Operations Manager concluded: “We are absolutely delighted with the work undertaken by shentongroup”.

About shentongroup

shentongroup is the UK’s leading technical expert in standby power, uninterruptible power supplies, and combined heat and power supplies. The company provides power solutions to organisations spanning a broad array of industries that rely on continuous power supplies and includes; finance, telecoms, IT, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education, government, utilities, and sport and leisure.

Providing High and Low Voltage Switchgear and Air Circuit Breaker service and maintenance services ensures reliable and trouble-free system operation. shentongroup has a nationwide team of service engineers, all of whom are trained to provide ongoing and scheduled maintenance on all makes and sizes of switchgear and ACB’s.  shentongroup can carry out annual or one-off service visits on all types of HV/LV switchgear in normal working hours, or out of hours on the following equipment: LV Switchgear; Many manufacturers of ACB’s; HV Switches; HV Transformers.

shentongroup’s Power Care continuous power supply maintenance contracts guarantee peak generator and Uninterruptible Power Supply performance.  With strategically placed depots throughout the United Kingdom, shentongroup’s network of technical engineers and support staff respond to clients usually within 4 hours, delivering some of the highest standards of uninterruptible power supplies and power generator servicing.

Download this case study in pdf format here.

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