Being one of the largest online retailers, the project required a reliable and resilient solution to ensure their distribution centre could remain operational in the event of a power outage. 


Working closely with the consultant from the initial stages, Shenton Group offered a unique approach to providing 3MVA of standby power. To add resilience to the solution, Shenton Group designed, supplied and installed 8 x 550kVA generators in an N+1 configuration over two substations, rather than going down the more standard route of fewer larger generators. As the site was a new build, we could ensure sufficient space was provided to house the eight generators allowing for easy access and maintenance. Using multiple smaller generators increased resilience and offered a more cost-effective solution and meant a more ‘standard’ product could be used, which helped reduce the manufacturing period. 


Each generator was rated at 550kVA with a prime output of 500kVA were individually fed by their own 1200 litre 24-hour base fuel tanks. The generators were supplied with a bespoke cable connection box mounted on the rear of the canopy. This meant that the electrical contractors had sufficient bending radius to bring in and gland off their armoured cables. To enable each generator to synchronise together and with the mains, we provided a complex Deep Sea Electronics control system and also the necessary G99 protection devices. 

Once we had delivered and installed all of the generators, an in-depth commissioning process was completed by our engineers. This demonstrated the units synchronising together and with the mains supply to replicate a real-life scenario. 


All eight generators are now covered by a thorough Shenton Group maintenance and monitoring contract.

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