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+44 (0) 344 888 444 5

Client: Whitehead Building Services
Location: Exeter

Products/ Services

  • 2 x 120kWe CHP units
  • Low noise acoustic enclosures
  • Delivery, off-loading and positioning
  • G99 relay
  • G99 application process and witness testing 
  • System commissioning 
  • Supply of ancillary valves, connections and control equipment
  • CHP maintenance contracts


For many years Exeter university has been growing rapidly, and with growth comes the need for consistent investment into the campus’s infrastructure. With this in mind, East Park was developed to provide further accommodation for undergraduate students. The development consisted of 100 standard bedrooms and 504 en-suite rooms arranged in flats of 5 to 8 students. The large hot water demand drove a focus on how this could be provided in the most sustainable way. The decision was made to go down the route of installing CHP (Combined Heat & Power) units, and Shenton Group were involved from an early stage to assist with the design and ensure that the strict NOx emissions were met.


Having worked with and assisted the consultant on the detailed design, Shenton Group were then contracted by Whitehead Building Services, who were the appointed Mechanical & Electrical Contractors to supply, deliver and commission 2 x 120kWe low NOx CHP units. 

Due to the CHP units’ location and the surrounding bedrooms, Shenton Group provided the units in super silent, low noise enclosures. The CHPs were also fitted with flexible exhaust, water and gas connections to eliminate any vibration breakout.

To ensure the CHPs operated in the correct philosophy to meet the building’s heat and electric profile, they were fitted with our PowerCube modulation transducer module and BMS (Building Management System) that monitors the CHPs and integrates with existing systems.

Shenton Group oversaw the G99 application process and the on-site witness testing, liaising with the DNO throughout to ensure approval and successful set up in synchronizing the CHPs to the national grid.


East Park now has a robust and sustainable solution for meeting the on-site heating demand. The 2 CHP units installed meet the baseload of the developments hot water demand, and in the event that the demand drops, the CHPs modulate down by up to 50% each to continue running. 

A final detailed commissioning stage ensured that the system was fully functioning correctly and incorporated into the site BMS (Building Management System). East Park now has the most sustainable solution in place and benefits from reduced energy bills. The CHPs are supported by a Shenton Group Infinuim24 maintenance and monitoring contracts, which ensures any faults can be resolved quickly, maximizing the CHPs run time and savings. 

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