The project was to install a new generator system at two sites, one in Ipswich and the other in Reigate. The new tenant populating the buildings needed to upgrade and upsize the backup generators already on site to support their new infrastructure and data centre. This project came through a data centre specialist organisation that ensures business continuity for their clients across the globe. Having built up a great relationship on previous projects, we were entrusted once again to provide this power solution.


Craning a generator

At Ipswich, the key concern was how the existing generators were to be removed from the roof and the new units installed with a very tight weight restriction. The acoustics also needed to be accurate to achieve a definite level to the nearest building. The Reigate Project had a space restriction which meant the two generators needed to be housed within the same enclosure with the fuel system incorporated within the same footprint. 

The two sites required two 1385kVA generators synchronised together to provide an N+1 redundancy to the client’s data centre. They were also synchronised to the mains to provide a no-break transfer back to mains. 

For the Ipswich site, a temporary platform was built outside the room on which to land the new generators. This would then enable them to be skated into the building. Before landing the generator onto the temporary platform, the roof structure needed to be temporarily propped and supported. The project was a success and the client was very happy with the end result.



The client now has a reliable backup power solution at both sites ensuring their equipment is safe from power outages. Both projects were a success and met all requirements outlined in the specification. 

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