When a large multi-national telecoms and broadcasting organisation sought to establish a reliable continuous power supply solution throughout multiple UK-wide locations, shentongroup configured a bespoke service which included the rental of large emergency generators in tandem with strategically-placed emergency generators, available for rapid deployment throughout the country.

The Problem

As the UK’s mains power supplies become more and more controversial, National Grid reserve power supplies drop to their lowest levels in recent years.  The National Grid continues to replace its aged, coal power station portfolio, with these sites being decommissioned faster than their greener replacements can be brought online.  Add increasingly unpredictable weather to the equation and the need to operate independently from the national grid is becoming a greater priority for scores of organisations.

Telecoms and broadcasting businesses demand continuous power supplies.  Any break in continuous power spells a break in service, which could well rapidly result in a loss of customers, along with long-lasting negative brand repercussions.

With so many units of operation throughout the country, investing in a backup generator for each site was not a viable option for the client.  However, the rapid access to an emergency generator at each and every location was imperative.


shentongroup’s Technical Director, Derek Barry, outlined how a comprehensive backup generator strategy was put into place: “We introduced, and now manage, a rapid response service for the group, including the rental and deployment of a number of large generators, together with cabling, fuel systems and a fuel management services.  The generators, supplied through shentongroup’s Power Rental Division, range from 200kVA up to 1.5MVA”.

Some systems have been installed in parallel to cater for larger power requirements and to increase flexibility in the event of sudden power surges.  These generators, together shentongroup’s support structures, have been strategically positioned around the UK. This ensures that, when required, shentongroup is able to rapidly deploy the generator sets and supporting accessories to and site well within a 3-hour window of receiving the emergency call.  shentongroup’s Derek Barry added: “Offering a total solutions service, shentongroup is also managing the regular refuelling and periodic servicing of the sets and providing the group with 24/7 engineering support”.

These deployments are critical to the continuous and successful operation of the customer’s business. At some of the customers premises, shentongroup has appointed a permanent, on-site engineer to oversee the continuous operation of the larger systems, providing the respective site with hands-on 24/7 emergency power cover.

“The total commitment we are providing this client is typical of the shentongroup approach of going that ‘extra mile’ in meeting customer demands”, said Lorraine Pragnell, Rental Manager at shentongroup. “This is particularly important in these challenging economic times where speed of response and a reliable service are a must-have item on any customer’s shopping list”, he added.


With sites of numerous size and with varying power demands across the UK, shentongroup’s strategically-placed, nationwide depots are equipped with the varying local requirements of the client.  In the event of mains power outages, shentongroup’s engineers will be onsite and ensuring that capable emergency generators are operational within the hour.  With the company’s record being just 23 minutes, shentongroup guarantees continuous power is available in under three hours, or guarantees a money back policy.

The larger sites now benefit from the permanent addition of a shentongroup engineer, adept in ensuring optimal generator performance, identifying any issues and implementing remedial measured before any compromise in generator performance can arise.

As well as emergency generator provision, shentongroup also administers all refuelling aspects, allowing the client to focus on what it does best; providing dependable, continuous telecoms and broadcasting services to all of its customers.

About shentongroup

shentongroup is the UK’s leading technical expert in standby power, uninterruptible power supplies, and combined heat and power supplies. The company provides power solutions to organisations spanning a broad array of industries that rely on continuous power supplies and includes; finance, telecoms, IT, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education, government, utilities, and sport and leisure.

shentongroup’s standby generator range includes single and three phase generator solutions, ranging from 10kVA to 3.2MVA.  British built to the highest quality and safety standards, shentongroup generators are ideal for use as prime power or standby power supply usage.  All include a full range of weatherproof canopies to meet sound attenuation levels; proven industry-leading control systems and switchgear hardware; integral bunded base-frame fuel tanks and fuel management systems; containerised modular solutions; custom built drop-over acoustic canopies; and skid-mounted ‘open’ sets for specific applications.

Power Call, shentongroup’s standby emergency generator rental service is the ‘Power within the Hour” service that more and more companies are turning to.  With the demand for emergency power set to grow at 7% per annum over the next five years, due to increasingly extreme weather and a less secure mains power supply, shentongroup is finding a high demand for its Power Call service.

Providing emergency power generator access 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year through a nationwide network of power generator engineers and depots, Power Call aims to have a generator on-site and running within one hour of a power failure. shentongroup’s record for delivering an emergency standby generator is 23 minutes and the company is so confident of it’s response times and efficiency that it guarantees client’s generator power within three hours – or their money back.

Download this case study in pdf format here.

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