Client: Virgin Media
Sector: Data Centres & Telecoms 
Location: Knowsley, UK 

Products/ Services

  • Design services
  • 3 No. 2000kVA prime rated generators in N+1 configuration
  • 3 No. bespoke fuel tanks
  • Civils works
  • Commissioning services
  • Rental generators
  • Turnkey project


The Virgin Media Technology Service Centre, a campus facility in Knowsley, UK, was subject to technical upgrading of its supportive infrastructure to better enhance the power resilience to the site. 

The existing Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supplies (DRUPS) technology became extremely expensive to maintain, leading to the decision to upgrade the equipment. Shenton Group was once again entrusted with this project due to an ongoing relationship with previous power installations for Virgin Media.

Project Overview

The project consisted of removing the DRUPS units, aligning these works with the installation of resilient UPS arrays to support the technical loads, replacing the DRUPS with three 2000kVA standby generators (1800kVa prime), and each generator having its own bespoke fuel tank. All generators needed to be synchronised with three different incoming mains supplies in separate Low Voltage (LV) switch rooms; the site loads being shared and transferable between these sets for extra resilience, the resilience afforded via downstream change over devices. Shenton Group opted for Comap control system as this would allow the generators to run in island mode and have forward and back synchronisation capability. The control system also required several breakers needing to be controlled in each LV room along with each generator.

Service continuity and supporting Virgin Media’s customer service expectations were the primary focus. Due to the nature of the site and complex specifications, throughout the project, Shenton Group identified and upgraded other areas of infrastructure, aligning them into the resilience design for the site. Shenton Group adjusted their works to meet the additional challenges encountered and were able to resource and meet the needs of the developing project. 


To ensure power integrity and resilience was maintained throughout the project, Shenton Group supplied 5MW of rental generators, configured in an N+1 arrangement to provide resilience for the site. Shenton Group also removed an underground 78000-litre fuel tank. Whilst these works were underway, an opportunity arose to replace and upgrade all existing Schneider Air Circuit Breakers (ACB) within each LV room, a number of auto transfer switches, and a new LV switchboard in one of the electrical rooms.

Extensive building works were required throughout the project, including vast trenches for cabling roots and new concrete plinths to support the three new standby generators and accompanying bespoke fuel tanks.

The project spanned around two years from start to finish. All equipment was factory tested (FAT), followed by detailed Integration System Testing (IST). Power integrity was maintained throughout the project, except for the planned shutdown works whereby the temporary prime power generators were used to support site infrastructure. 

Martin Waite, Senior HVAC Manager for Virgin Media, said:

It was great to work with Shenton Group on this important project to replace our DRUPS units. The team worked hard and kept us updated throughout the project, which was delivered on time and within budget. 

Shenton Group’s flexibility and ability to provide expertise and professional technicians to support a complex development provided additional value to Virgin Media. It was instrumental to the successful delivery of the project.

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