Will the Coronavirus Have an Impact on the Energy Network?

The self-isolation measures in place due to the Coronavirus outbreak mean that many people will be set up to work from home, which may put more pressure on our energy networks and our power supplies.

Demands on our Critical Infrastructure

Despite the challenges that arise due to the Coronavirus, many businesses will continue to operate to their best ability in these unusual circumstances. This will involve many employees working from home rather than sharing large communal office spaces.

Homeworking does increase the demand for our energy networks compared to the normal requirements of workers using office areas, where both heating and electricity come from shared supplies. However, energy suppliers such as Scottish Power “point out that it is not that much different to Christmas time when most of the population takes a couple of days off”*. A period of working from home should be manageable but with the uncertainty of how long this remote way of working will be recommended, it could put a strain on telecommunication centres and other energy suppliers.

*BBC News Scotland

Lessons from Europe

In Germany, the association of local utilities (VKU) stated that the ‘Energy supply currently is neither in danger nor impaired’.** Grid operators are taking the same precautions as advised for any employee in order to minimise the infection risk, without compromising the service levels provided.

**Clean Energy Wire

In addition, the shutdown of sporting events, mass gatherings, social events, pubs, bars and cinemas will also equate to less power used on the continent, with similar measures coming into force in the UK. Manufacturing is also likely to be scaled back and even halted as businesses look to minimise the risk of their employees becoming unwell.

Energy & Communication More Important Than Ever

Nationally the country will need to work collaboratively to contain the pandemic and both power and internet connectivity will be relied upon to enable people to work and operate remotely in isolation. Businesses will depend on the power networks to continue providing a service and to remain connected and informed of any internal updates.  

Constant power supplies for hospitals and healthcare locations will be imperative and Shenton Group will remain operational in order to support all of our customers, no matter which sector they operate in.

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