Sometimes organisations can’t justify having their own permanent standby generators and unforeseen changes to the business may create additional short term demands for prime or standby power. In situations like this, shentongroup’s Power Rental Generators may well be the answer.

Rental Generators offer you dependable power, but at an affordable, predictable cost over periods ranging from just a few weeks, to months, and even years.

Some of the situations where Rental Generators are the most viable backup or prime power solution include:

  • Temporary facilities
  • Disaster recovery, such as a fire taking-out mains power supplies
  • Off-grid locations, or locations awaiting mains power supplies
  • Peace-of-mind to ensure business continuity over busy periods such as Christmas or throughout other spikes in business

shentongroup’s Generator Rental division offers an array of diesel generator spanning 30kVA through to 2mVA. Our road-towed generators can be delivered to you on-site in no time. We have a large fleet of 4x4s and skilled engineers that are dedicated to our rental customers, and provide support the whole of the UK. Once our engineers have carried-out all relevant electrical and mechanical installation work, they’ll then ensure that your team fully understands how the generator operate in your time of need.

For organisations wanting longer-term, or semi-permanent prime power, following a full site survey, our engineers will ensure that the most suitable rental generator is selected. They will also provide you with guidance on everything you need for effortless operation and advise you on AMF control panels, fuel systems, bunded fuel tanks, distribution cabling and accessories.

Regular on-site service and generator maintenance with 24/7 technical support is included in all of our generator rental contracts and we offer fully flexible contracts that allow for upgrades, additions, cancellations and extensions.

To gain a better understanding of how to support your organisation’s power requirements in the event of power-loss, download shentongroup’s free white-papers entitled ‘Disaster Recovery Planning – how to create a resilient strategy’ and ‘Your free guide to protecting your business with the right type of standby power“.

To learn more about shentongroup’s Generator Rental services and to find out if our Rental Generator services are right for you, click here to speak to a member of the UK’s leading technical experts in Standby Power, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Combined Heat & Power Systems.

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