At Shenton Group, we believe that downloading our ready made BIM objects can benefit everybody within the UK construction industry. We look at the benefits of BIM (Building Information Modelling) and establish why it is vital to use quality models.

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a modern design technique that utilises software and a collaborative design process to make the procedure of developing buildings more efficient. Using Revit, Navisworks Manager or Navisworks Freedom software, 3D models are made available to architects, manufacturers, contractors and designers who are then able to work together simultaneously to focus on various stages of the project.  

BIM software streamlines the design of buildings and factors in the analysis of sustainability and the impact on the surrounding areas using real-time modelling.

Autodesk, who developed the Revit software, summarise BIM perfectly –

“BIM is an intelligent, 3D model-based process that helps MEP professionals design, detail and document Building Systems more efficiently. Working in a BIM process gives project teams more insight into designs and constructability, reducing risk and improving outcomes” [1].

BIM is widely used around the globe, while here in the UK; the construction industry uses the BSI (British Standards Institution) BIM strategy as a framework to ensure all models meet specific criteria for their products and services.  

Enjoy the Benefits of BIM Modelling Including Efficiency

Unlike CAD systems where drawings are individual, the key benefit of BIM modelling software is that it generates all the drawings of the design from one 3D model. The software consistently outputs designs from the central 3D model, making the process of cross checking multiple drawings redundant and enhancing the quality of the end design.

Using BIM makes the design of building and complexes incredibly efficient, allowing teams of architects, manufacturers and contractors to collaborate and design everything required from any location by working off the same database and computer model.

By speeding up the design process, decisions can be made quickly and projects are far more likely to be delivered on time, giving contractors a competitive edge. Using the software also assists with installation, as contractors can factor in layouts and pipe runs to foresee any upcoming issues at the planning stage, saving both time and money.

“Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Digital Construction is an important part of the strategy and is helping to increase productivity and collaboration through technology” [2]

Many organisations make use of third party BIM objects to incorporate into their design, as companies provide readymade objects to download and introduce into the main design.  However, BIM objects must be both accurate and delivered on time or may cause delays or problems with the integrity of the final design.

Construction companies should only use BIM objects from proven partners such as Shenton Group to benefit from this fantastic and forward thinking technology.

Benefits of BIM include models

8 Benefits of BIM Models Used From a Trusted Supplier

1. Accelerate workflow by downloading readymade BIM objects, ready to use at your fingertips and download directly into your designs.

2. BIM models of Power solutions such as CHP’s and Generators, for example, are accurate and of high-quality when downloaded from the supplier of the equipment.

3. Enjoy cost savings, by not having to spend valuable time modelling BIM objects.

4. Revit and other forms of BIM objects, such as SAT files are reusable, thereby improving drawing office efficiency.

5. Enhance BIM projects by using ready to use detailed models.

6. BIM objects are produced using exact dimensions for accuracy.

7. Using software such as Revit, connectors are integrated in the models, giving other MEP services a means of connecting, to allow for calculations.

8. Specifically relating to CHP and generators, manufacturer models come with a maintenance zone, so you know how much clear space is required around the unit. This enables higher accuracy when space planning.

How Can I Trust the BIM Files I Am Using?

The best way to offset risk is by downloading BIM object files in the form of SAT, IFC, or Revit, provided by reputable manufacturers. This will provide you with the latest up-to-date versions, from an established BIM file provider, with the additional cost saving of not having to produce them.

We have a dedicated internal design department at Shenton Group, which ensures our Revit family models are accurate, concise and are kept up-to-date. All Revit files contain the relevant COBi data required by the Government and provide an exacting product with specific data. These files are at your fingertips to download into your designs and ensure functional and power requirements are met.

At Shenton Group, we want new and existing clients to have a choice about the company and proven BIM partner they use, and the only way for this to happen is for the provision of multiple file types to be available. After all, if you are only providing BIM objects in a specific file type, you can’t guarantee that all BIM designers will be working within the same program, so multiple file types are crucial to avoid hold-ups.

Working with a transparent organisation who continue to adapt to the changing technology is really important. At Shenton Group, we continue to increase the quality of our BIM objects and work with our clients providing technical advice and files free to download to ensure the project runs smoothly and the end client gets exactly what they need.

Shenton Group BIM Model in Woodland

Quality Assured Revit Files from Shenton

If your project has a CHP or Generator requirement, avoid project delays and download our very own quality assured models. Our BIM models are level two compliant and meet the construction industry standards ready for clients to use and proceed with confidence.

Not only this, but we are also a large team of CAD/BIM engineers and experts who deliver ongoing support to assist in the completion of time sensitive projects.

Generator and CHP models produced by Shenton Group include connections for the inlets and outlets of other services, allowing for the full scale accurate modelling, 3D visualization and calculations.

Please get in touch to discuss our BIM objects or if you have queries about CHP or generators, our technical team are happy to assist.


[1] Autodesk (2020) [Accessed 7th June 2020].

[2] Cabinet Office and Infrastructure and Projects Authority (2016) [Accessed 7th June 2020].

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