Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Service & Maintenance plans include but are not limited to, device repairs, battery management, enclosure maintenance and power conversion optimisation.

To ensure our clients get support best suited to their needs, Shenton Group offers five levels of UPS maintenance, ranging from a simple one-off annual maintenance visit, to fully comprehensive 24/7/365 emergency cover. These maintenance options allow you to pick the right plan for your equipment and your budget. 

With a reputation of providing industry-leading technical expertise and customer service, Shenton Group breaks down their service levels into the following maintenance packages: 

  • Maxicare Plus
  • Power Care Premier
  • Power Care 24
  • Power Care
  • Power Care Lite

For a full overview of these packages and the protection they offer, check out our UPS Maintenance page. 

Prefer to speak to someone over the phone? Our service team is on hand to discuss each package in detail to ensure you will get the support you need for true peace of mind. 

UPS Backup Systems – 5 Reasons for Regular Maintenance

  1. UPS’s like all electronic equipment will eventually fail unless maintained to manufacturer instructions. Your UPS will not be reliable and protect your electrical equipment from power outages if it is not serviced regularly. 
  2. Downtime due to power failure can bring disruption, financial losses and reputational damage, especially in the commercial sector. 
  3. A fully functioning UPS will protect your electrical equipment from damage caused by unplanned power outages and fluctuations in voltage. 
  4. A maintenance plan with a trusted provider such as Shenton Group will provide regular testing, emergency call out and component replacement, giving you true peace of mind that your power supply is protected. 
  5. Expand the life of your UPS and protect your investment – Equipment is checked for excessive heat, noise and signs of damage and ensures any degradation is prevented before a more significant problem occurs

UPS Battery Care

Uninterruptable Power Supplies are essentially a battery backup for your power supply, preventing any disruption in the event of power loss, allowing for the safe shutdown of any equipment or keeping equipment and machinery operational until a backup generator takes over. Therefore, it is pivotal to ensure that the UPS battery is well maintained.

We provide battery maintenance, battery testing and supply and install new batteries as part of our UPS maintenance plans.

Do I need to replace my UPS battery?

UPS batteries require monitoring and maintenance on a regular basis. A UPS maintenance plan will ensure that the batteries in your backup equipment are in optimal condition ready to assist in an emergency.

Shenton Group leaves nothing to chance and have the expertise to establish if a battery needs to be replaced, depending on the environment, load and maintenance schedule of a UPS backup system. By opting for a Shenton Group maintenance plan, our UPS experts will ensure you don’t need to worry about the condition of the battery, as our team will make sure everything is in working order.

What does battery maintenance involve?

Frequent checks, inspections and servicing critical systems. It is far more cost-effective and less disruptive to schedule repair and maintenance work. To reduce the risk of downtime, keep batteries and UPS systems well maintained.

Can I buy a new UPS battery?

If a UPS backup system requires a new battery, Shenton Group will supply and install a new battery.

Ongoing Support for Industrial UPS Clients

We provide support for those with industrial UPS systems in place, who cannot afford a loss in power. Whether you operate in healthcare, telecoms, data centres or utilities, our clients can find a UPS maintenance plan to match the requirements.

Whether it is changing consumable parts of an industrial UPS system or an emergency call out, Shenton Group has the skills and equipment to deliver.

Remote Monitoring for Industrial UPS Systems

Shenton Group is able to monitor UPS systems from afar and can control UPS performance and predict issues and rectify them before they arise.

By selecting a Shenton Group maintenance plan for your UPS, you can rest assured you are in safe hands. With one 24/7 emergency response number and one nationwide emergency response team, you can be sure of one outcome, power continuity every day of the year.

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