shentongroup is renowned for providing innovative approaches to continuous power solutions; solutions that are tailored to unique environments with their own specific demands, ensuring that the same levels of protection, quality and service are delivered, regardless.

20190212_113328Already entrusted by scores of organisations that demanded reliable continuous power solutions, shentongroup was approached by a water pumping station in the North East of England requiring a continuous power solution that, not only bore the obvious challenges of working with electricity and water, but one that had to adhere to the rigorous demands of the Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specifications (WIMES); a Pump Centre collaborative project that aims at providing common mechanical and electrical specifications for the UK Water Industry. Thankfully, shentongroup was already well-versed in WIMES, having delivered a number of successful projects that adhere to this strict set of requirements.

With WIMES, all major UK water companies throughout the UK must provide Water PLCs with specifications that allow them to buy plant and equipment that is fit-for-purpose and that gives the lowest whole-life cost; that consists of unambiguous specifications that allow individual manufacturers and suppliers to compete on an equal footing; and that features specifications that will determine, not only the initial purchase price of the equipment, but also the subsequent operating and maintenance expenditure.

20190213_091813_HDRSeasoned in the delivery of precise specifications for bespoke solutions, the shentongroup team proposed and subsequently installed a highly technical solution comprising a 1250kVA Diesel Generator using an MTU engine with an oversized 1300kVA alternator; all fully complying with WIMES.

The client now enjoys a system that guarantees the continual supply of power to the water pump. It also features bespoke security and monitoring systems, as well as a control system that obeys strict pollution regulations.

If your organisation needs to guarantee its continuous power, yet faces challenges surrounding location and legislation, speak to shentongroup: The UK’s leading technical experts in Standby Power, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Combined Heat & Power Systems.

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