shentongroup provides continuous power solutions and support for scores of properties and facilities management professionals across the length and breadth of the UK. We provide the Standby Generator, Uninterruptible Power Supply and Combined Heat & Power System solutions and support that ensure their facilities stay 100 per cent operational, 100 per cent of the time. In addition to continuous power solutions, we also help organisations to benefit from the government’s Demand Side Response scheme, an initiative whereby energy customers are incentivised to lower their electricity usage at peak times.

business-businessmen-classroom-267507We all know how lax electricity usage can ramp-up our bills in the home; from over-usage of heating and chargers, to leaving devices on standby. All significantly increase our energy bills. So it may well come as no surprise that Facilities Management Journal (1) highlights how offices are wasting thousands on unused electricity too. Failing to turn off electrical equipment when it’s not in use is costing businesses a fortune each year. When one considers that office computers are left unattended for circa two hours each day for breaks, during this time, each computer uses in the region of 200 watts of electricity, costing around 1.5p per hour. shentongroupLights are another culprit. One hundred light bulbs left on unnecessarily for just two hours per day will cost an organisation in the region of £470 over a year. The Energy Saving Trust (1) echoes these findings and highlights that the UK wastes £170 million each year by simply leaving lights on in empty rooms. It also states that leaving devices including TVs, laptops, printers and cordless phones on standby can add £30 to average household bills. Additional research from University of Cambridge examines how most photocopiers are switched on all day, yet used only 20 per cent of the time, something that can account for £320 in wasted electricity every single year.

If your organisation is looking to reduce its energy bills whilst establishing or maintaining a continuous power solution, speak to a member of the UK’s leading technical experts in Standby Power, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Combined Heat & Power Solutions now shentongroup helps scores of organisations remain fully operational, regardless of mains power supplies and can also help you to benefit from the Demand Side Response scheme. Click here to speak to a shentongroup expert.

(1) Offices waste thousands on unused electricity – Facilities Management Journal, September 2018

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