shentongroup’s Lowestoft Office

shentongroup‘s Lowestoft office is an additional hub for our Sales and Technical team.

shentongroup’s Lowestoft office

We at shentongroup are a truly national company and this is supported by the fact that we operate out of 5 locations within the UK: Andover, London, Edinburgh, Lowestoft and Leamington Spa.  Our Sales Team have been using the Lowestoft office since 2008 to serve a previously unserved area.  They are also technical specialists so if you have a project involving Combined Heat and Power, Generators, UPS or you have a question that needs answering then they can help.  Our team there consists of highly qualified and experienced industry specialists who have dealt with projects at all levels and of all sizes over the years.DSC00098

We are the UK’s Leading Technical Experts in Standby Power, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Combined Heat & Power Systems.  Trusted for over 30 years by public and private organisations, shentongroup advise on, supply, install and maintain all aspects of critical power continuity.

Anyone needing assistance with their project will always be given a warm welcome at any of our 5 shentongroup locations, we can also be reached on 0844 888 444 5.





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