One of the reasons you receive the highest levels of customer care from shentongroup is because shentongroup started out as a family-run business way back in 1982 and it still is to this day. From initially supplying quality diesel generators, to winning our first contact with the Ministry of Defence in 1989, shentongroup continues to progress as a leader in the continuous power sector. We’re incredibly grateful of the custom we receive and we understand that by putting you, our customers first, you’ll receive the service you deserve and will continue to turn to shentongroup time and time again.

family run businessBeing a family business our company ethos firmly commits us to giving back to society. Because of this ethos, shentongroup endeavours to help others whenever possible and to distribute wealth to help create a fairer society. One such example is shentongroup donating a percentage of annual profits to help build schools, churches and to assist other great social projects.

shentongroup, a family run businessIn addition, shentongroup also supports a ‘charity of the quarter’ for which we spread the word through email, our website and word-of-mouth, and shentongroup staff and customers are encouraged to donate whatever they wish to assist what are invariably very worthy causes. Our current charity of the quarter is Parkinsons, an organisation that drives better care, treatments and quality-of-life for those affected by what is a progressive neurological condition. Causing problems in the brain, the condition worsens over time and is said to afflict as many as one in every three hundred and fifty people in the UK. Other charities we’ve recently supported include Make a Wish, AMMF The Cholangiocarcinoma Charity, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, Feeding Dreams Cambodia, BDA Dyslexia and Unicef, to name just some.

Having welcomed a number of new staff to the shentongroup family since celebrating our 35th year in business last year, our team really is second-to-none, possessing the highest levels of skills and know-how, something we are committed to maintaining through ongoing content training and best practice. So if your organisation also strives for excellence and you’d like to gain a better understanding of the continuous power options available to you, or perhaps you’d like to learn more about the worthy causes we support, click here to speak to shentongroup, the UK’s most trusted continuous power experts.

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