Another Data Centre can have total peace of mind in the knowledge that Shenton Group have installed a generator for them to protect their business. When looking to complete a generator installation, it is crucial to consult the experts to audit the site, to ensure you have the equipment you need to keep the power on at your data centre site.

Generator Installation Requirements for Data Centre 

Our client required 2 x 220 kVA, 3 phase Generators to allow syncing to the customer’s Common Bus Connection. The instalation included new Deep Sea 8610 Controllers, downstream changeover panels (400A 3 phase with Deep Sea 333 controllers), and new ABB motorised MCCB’s.

One of our fully qualified generator installation Project Managers worked very closely with the customer’s electrical installers on this 1st phase, leading to a smooth project throughout design, installation and the onsite witness test—another successful Generator installation from Shenton Group.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Generator?

The total cost of generator installation is dependent on many factors, including the equipment required, the size of the generator/ number of generators, and if it’s a standard or bespoke solution. If you invest in a generator, you must ensure correct integration, and consider ongoing maintenance so the equipment can be relied on in the event of an outage. A power outage at a data centre could be catastrophic. The ramifications can include loss of data, money, customers and reputation. Therefore it is invaluable to have a reliable backup generator solution in place. The best way to establish the costs involved is to book a site survey, and we can then provide an accurate quotation. We can also offer guidance on generator maintenance plans best suited to your requirements.

Generator Installation for Server Room

Generator Installation Services

We provide a full suite of generator installation services right from the design and manufacture, to project management, install/site integration, testing and ongoing maintenance. We provide full turnkey installations.

Shenton Site Survey’s Ensure The Correct Solution

A site survey will help the Shenton Group engineers to understand your exact requirements. Prior to a generator installation, we will work with you to establish your electrical demand and clarify how long you need a backup power system to run in the event of a power outage. A backup generator alone will kick in within 10-15 seconds after a power outage, but if teamed with a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), there will be no downtime at all. All critical applications such as data centres and healthcare facilities use generators and UPSs in tandem. 

Backup power solutions consisting of a UPS and no generators are suitable for organisations that can afford some downtime. A UPS safeguards equipment in a power outage, temporarily protecting it from immediate power loss, potential damage or malfunction, and provides time for you to shut down and turn off equipment safely. UPS only backup solutions can be relied upon for periods ranging from just a couple of minutes right up to 2 hours. This timeframe is dictated by the size and amount of UPS batteries and the electrical load it needs to support. However, installing a generator would be the answer if there is a requirement for the power to remain on and protect you for more extended periods. Each use case is different, and every customer of ours has different needs, which is why a site survey is essential.

Design & Standby Generator Installation

A carefully designed backup power solution will ensure you have all the equipment you need to avoid any issues during power loss.

Whether you require an internal or external installation, we will provide a complete turnkey project, including:

  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Project Management
  • Civils
  • Mechanical and Electrical Installation
  • Site Integration
  • Testing
  • Final Commissioning
  • Ongoing Maintenance

We provide you with peace of mind that you can operate with confidence that your generator installation will provide the support you need at those crucial times.

Shenton Group is a leading generator manufacturer focused on keeping power supplies operational in the event of a mains failure and improving the sustainability of your power supply.

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