One of shentongroup’s key competencies is our ability to seamlessly schedule projects, posing zero power outage and disruption to our clients’ facilities whilst we make changeovers and install new generator sets. A recent project, managed by Darby Thomas, is a prime example of our approach.

20160707_181346Our client is a leading generator control manufacturer, exporting products to 150 countries, managed from their UK head office. When their existing backup generator portfolio required an upgrade, it was down to Darby and team to synchronise a three-pronged approach. Firstly, a small generator and accompanying radiator set needed to be decommissioned and then relocated elsewhere on-site. A new, larger 450kVA Scania generator was then moved into the original space. With 3 generators in the same room, we applied attenuation, as our client uses the room for training and for supporting their production line during power outages. Finally, shentongroup engineers replaced the fuel tanks and transfer system, connecting it to the three generators.

20160707_181241The new 450kVA Scania generator now works in sync’ with the two other Volvo generators. Thanks to Darby and team, yet another shentongroup client enjoys reliable continuous power supplies, enabling them to maintain production and business operations, regardless of National Grid blackouts and brownouts.

If you’d like to learn more about business continuity and standby power solutions, speak to a member of the shentongroup team now (click)!

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