Globally, Combined Heat & Power (CHP) is experiencing a compound annual growth rate of 5.5%, according to Business Wire.  shentongroup has discussed how the demise of coal power stations is a key driver for CHP growth. Another factor encouraging CHP is increasingly preferred gas-fired power generation, a form of power generation that assists organisations to meet stricter CO2 targets, whilst gaining independence from expensive and less-reliable National Grid power.

CHP SystemIf you’re familiar with CHP, otherwise referred to as cogeneration, you’ll understand that it refers to the production of electricity from natural gas, harnessing the heat generated from this process to produce large volumes of hot water. Therefore, CHP systems are particularly beneficial to buildings that have high hot water demands, such as hotels, leisure centres, large employers, universities, schools and colleges. However, a report from Accuracy Research entitled “Global Residential Combined Heat & Power System Market Analysis & Trends – Industry Forecast 2017 to 2027” indicates that the global residential CHP market will also experience strong growth to 2027.

brenley-650x300 District heating sees residential areas share a Combined Heat and Power system, providing residents with less expensive electricity, heating and hot water. Because CHP runs from natural gas, the residential area is not dependent on more expensive and less reliable National Grid electricity supplies. To gain a better understanding of residential CHP applications, read shentongroup’s case study entitled “Combined Heating and Power Systems for New Housing Development in Surrey” which details how shentongroup provided a Tedom MicroCHP solution to a contemporary apartment development featuring 169 dwellings in Surrey.

If you’d benefit from gaining a greater understanding of CHP, click here to download shentongroup’s CHP white-paper entitled “When is CHP the right renewable energy choice?”.

To discuss any further details and how CHP could benefit your project, click here to speak to a shentongroup CHP expert.

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