We’re very excited at shentongroup, as we’ve consolidated years’ worth of standby power knowledge to launch Power Go: The first true consumer-focussed integrated solution for uninterruptible power, energy storage, energy efficiency and automated energy asset synchronisation and optimisation.

It’s a truly reliable and complete continuous power solution available to the mass market for the first time. But what can Power Go do?

powergobannerPower Go CAN:

  • Be integrated with CHP (combined heat & power) to store the electricity produced
  • Be installed as a peak-lopper for when electricity supplies are not large enough to meet on-site demands
  • Be used as an orthodox UPS providing all of the back-up and resilience you’d expect
  • Be set to charge during low energy tariff times
  • Be used to store electricity from solar PV, charging up during times of excess energy
  • Be used in the STOR and Demand Response markets when installed in conjunction with any of the above

solar-fieldWhat will I be getting with Power Go? Well, Power Go comes as one of three options:

  • LYNC SECURE – This is shentongroup’s uninterruptible power and energy efficiency system
  • LYNC DR – Like LYNC SECURE but with demand response
  • AUTOLYNC – This includes shentongroup’s patented microgrid controls technology

Power Go technology is based on the proven Go Electric platform which is so reliable that it’s even trusted to provide continuous power to the US military. The Tooele Army Depot in Utah and the Fort Custer Center in Michigan, both part of the Department of Defence program, depend on Go Electric to maintain operations 24/7.

Why Power Go? Well, this pdf should answer that question.

For more information on Power Go, visit www.powergo.co.uk

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