All you ever wanted to know about Powercall.

Can I just call Powercall out whenever I want?

Certainly, but only if you’re on the Powercall network. We cannot hire a generator to you on a one-off basis – we are committed to our subscribers.

What if it’s in the middle of the night?

Our operation will take your call 24/7 and co-ordinate the dispatch of your generator to you.

When I call you out, how quickly can you get to me?

The target is ‘Power within the hour’ Powercall depots are strategically located to enable us to guarantee a maximum 3 hour deployment time.

Our building is massive, it must need a huge generator to run it. Are Powercall generators big enough to cope?

Powercall generators have one of the best power-to-size ratios in the world. Over 95% of properties in the UK can have all their electricity supplied by them. If you have a very large requirement you can split off essential circuits like lights, computers, lifts etc to be supported by generator.

How will I know when the mains power has come back?

The Powercall changeover switch has an indicator light showing when the mains electricity has been restored. Just ring Powercall and we’ll do the rest.

Can I become part of the network at any time?

Subscriber numbers are strictly limited in each area. Our research and mathematical calculations have been extremely thorough and we know exactly how many customers we can support in every part of the country. Once that number has been reached, sorry, that’s it!

What happens if the whole country goes out?

Powercall have generators available for more than 98% of all call outs and if we fail to deliver yours you’ll get your money back. You can’t lose.

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