Ofgem Report Confirms Bleak Power Forecast – Control Your Own Power Supplies

We’ve discussed potential blackouts this winter a number of times, but recent National Grid data paints a rather bleak picture of the 2015-16 provisional forecast. ofgemlogoThe date reveals that the effective ‘safety buffer’ between peak electricity demand and available power supplies will fall to around the 1.2 per cent level this winter and it’s the lowest level in an entire decade. Throughout 2005 to 2011/12, this margin rose considerably to around the 15 per cent mark, but since this date, the figure has gradually decreased to today’s concerning figures.

The National Grid has already prepared emergency measures to counter the risk of blackouts that include; paying factories to switch out lights between 4pm and 8pm on weekdays and paying older power plants to stay open. According to The Telegraph, analysis by energy regulator, Ofgem, suggests that without these emergency interventions, blackouts during any potential bouts of cold weather would be highly probable. Therefore, organisations operating in particularly data, supply and even life-sensitive sectors are operating somewhat precariously.

20141128_125410-1024x768The crisis does not look likely to ease any time soon. Supposedly exacerbated by closures of older, more polluting coal power stations faster than greener ones can be built, all organisations do have a number of options available to them to ensure they have more control over their own power supplies. For instance, shentongroup’s array of combined heat and power systems (CHP systems) are appealing to a growing number of organisations that wish to generate their own electricity from natural gas, whilst converting the resulting heat into hot water and heating. For smaller organisation that chose not to invest in their own generators, shentongroup’s Power Call emergency generator service is a ‘power within the hour’ disaster recovery service that sees an emergency generator delivered and working onsite. With our record of twenty three minutes and our guarantee of three hours, Power Call provides unlimited emergency callouts for a monthly fixed fee; ideal protection against impending blackouts this winter.

If you find the Ofgem’s findings disconcerting and if taking control of your own power supplies this winter appeals to you, get in touch with a member of our team to learn more about shentongroup and how we can help your organisation.

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