A modern city centre redevelopment program needed a continuous power solution that matched its high quality urban design. A powerful 660kVA shentongroup generator was specified to provide ample backup power in the increasingly likely event of mains power failure. The most viable siting of the unit was a plant room located in a busy car park. With the car park being situated near popular local attractions, landmarks and a railway station, the shentongroup team scheduled the installation at 5am in order to reduce disturbance to local residents and businesses.

IMG_7426As is often the case when installing generators in underground locations, especially larger generator units, shentongroup engineers had to remove the unit’s radiator in order to transport it into the plant room, after which it was then reinstalled, along with a 1400 litre base tank.

Being located in the vicinity of passers by and businesses, the generator features 60dB @1m sound attenuation on the air inlet and outlet attenuators, and the plant room itself was fitted with 2 acoustic doors. Of course, operating in such a confined and enclosed area, ventilation for the exhaust was required and therefore, shentongroup engineers installed 60 metres of insulated flue to take the discharge out of the room.

DSC00285With National Grid reserve power supplies at some of their lowest levels in recent years, city centre redevelopments not only need a modern approach to design, but a forward thinking continuous power strategy too. To discuss the various continuous power supply options available to your redevelopment programme, speak to a member of the shentongroup team now!

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