Make 2018 Your Year of Continuous Power

Although this winter is not set to be the worst we’ve experienced in recent years, and although gigawatts of battery capacity were pre-qualified for the recent Capacity Market Auctions, be under no illusions, the UK’s energy networks are by no means stable. For the foreseeable future, power-cuts and brownouts are a fact of life and ones that all organisations need to plan ahead for, especially where services and safety depend on a constant supply of electricity.

2016-05-13 08.14.55Type ‘power cuts’ into Google News and you may well be alarmed by the level of current or very recent power-cuts affecting residential areas, industrial estates and of course, businesses.  The severe winds sweeping across the country have caused power cuts and mobile phone disruption. Indeed, Storm Eleanor is currently taking scores of businesses offline as it damages National Grid infrastructure.

Some businesses rely on a restorative approach to loss of power and utilise their rights to compensation.  The UK’s energy network is made up of the main electricity and gas distribution companies which manage the nation’s poles and cabling. These companies are required to meet the Quality of Service Guaranteed Standards. If this set of standards are not met, energy customers may be eligible for compensation.

20170629_150023However, as a business owner or manager, you will be only too aware that a business going without power misses out on orders, yet still has to pay its staff. When services are hindered, brands stand to be damaged. In many cases, especially in healthcare organisations, lives are at risk. Therefore, the restorative, compensation approach needs to come second to the preventative approach and the only way organisations can completely guarantee the prevention of power-cuts is through their own continuous power planning.

Whether your organisation demands it’s own backup generators, or a solution comprising uninterruptible power supplies and emergency rental generators, the team at shentongroup are the UK’s leading technical experts in stand-by power, uninterruptible power supplies and combined heat & power systems.

Therefore, they are on-hand to provide advice on all of the options available to keep your organisation fully operational, competitive and safe.  If storm Eleanor has caused your organisations problems, or indeed, worry, click here to get in touch with a member of our friendly, qualified team now.

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