Like us, you might have read a lot this year surrounding how Ireland has ambitions to slash its emissions by some 95 per cent by 2050, compared to 1990 levels. Under European energy and environmental law, Ireland is currently striving to reach a number of targets relating to renewable energy, energy conservation and greenhouse gas elimination which include; a 20% reduction in energy demand by 2020 and a 20% deduction (relative to emissions in 2005) in Irelands greenhouse gas emissions attributable to the residential, industrial and waste sectors by 2020, a target set in 2013.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 12.24.35Combined Heat and Power systems are a significantly greener alternative for scores of organisations and housing developments throughout Ireland. In fact, any organisation that has high demands for hot water will indeed stand to benefit both financially and environmentally from Combined Heat and Power (CHP), otherwise known as ‘cogeneration’.

shentongroup is proud to be the sole supplier of Tedom CHP units across, not only the United Kingdom, but also the Republic of Ireland, and we’re proud to be helping Ireland on its mission to achieving lower carbon emissions. Combined Heat and Power Systems do of course utilise cheaper and greener natural gas in their production of electricity, with the resulting heat generated being used to heat water for heating and hot water taps. Housing estates, hospitals, universities, colleges and schools, and any organisation with high levels of staff or visitors will more than likely benefit from CHP.

DSC00285Tedom’s Power Therm CHP units are 85% efficient! Compared to the 35% efficiency of power stations feeding the Irish grid, Purchasing Managers, Project Managers, Buyers, Consultants and Facilities Managers throughout Ireland are switching on to the benefits of CHP and how it can help them reach their energy efficiency and emissions targets, whilst at the same time enjoying considerable cost savings.

If you’re a Specifier, Consultant or Contractor, you’ll no doubt find shentongroup’s whitepapers “When is CHP the right renewable energy choice” and “Design and operational considerations to get the best performance from CHP systems” to be a good starting point for understanding project requirements, along with CHP benefits.

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