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Unique CHP and Generator Solution for Gas to Grid Site

 Client: Murrow AD Ltd, Somerset Farm  Location: Murrow, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire   Products/ Services  2 No. 500kWe dual fuel CHP units in acoustic containers  330kVA diesel generator  Gas treatment skid & desulphurisation unit  Bespoke control system and software programming  Commissioning services  G99 witness testing  Maintenance contract  BACKGROUND The Murrow AD team approached…

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Converting Biogas into Electricity – Cranford AD Plant

Sector: AD PlantClient: Cranford ADLocation: Northamptonshire Background The Anaerobic Digestion facility was constructed to make use of locally grown maize as a feedstock to create green energy from a zero-carbon source. Cranford AD needed to convert biogas into electricity and heat. The electricity created revenue by off-setting power…

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