Importance of Regularly Load Bank Testing Diesel Generators

If you are reliant on a diesel generator as a source of backup power, it is essential to conduct regular load bank testing to make sure everything with the generator is in working order.

Having the correct, operational equipment available is often an afterthought until the moment it is required, but with regular diesel generator load testing it is possible to ensure you have a reliable power source in the event of an emergency.

Backup generators for the majority of the time sit dormant, waiting to spring into action when you lose mains power. As a generator sits there, parts naturally age and deposits build up. Just like a car, a generator needs to be started up once in a while to ensure it is in full working order and will offer you that protection when you need it most!

A load bank test simulates a power outage and ensures your backup generator will be reliable at full electrical load. Our skilled engineers test variable electrical demands, under controlled conditions allowing for accurate measuring and reporting. These tests help prolong the life of your generator and allow us to pick up developing issues for maintenance before they become a problem for you.

Load Bank Testing Diesel Generators

Load bank testing should form part of a maintenance programme for any organisation that uses a diesel generator for backup power. We recommend load bank testing at least once a year to ensure reliable performance during power outages.

diesel generator load bank

When running a load bank test, the electrical load is increased to full capacity, which allows the generator to really stretch its legs. All components of the diesel generator are tested when working to their optimal levels, including the cooling systems, which are the most common cause of diesel generator faults.

Aside from pushing the generator to the limit to see if it can handle the real world conditions encountered in an emergency, diesel generators further benefit as load testing removes any build-up of carbon deposits from pistons and exhaust systems. When diesel generators operate below a 30% load, the optimum operating temperature is not reached, which leads to a build up of carbon deposits. A load bank test will push the load to the maximum capacity essentially helping with the upkeep of the diesel generator.

At Shenton Group, our team conduct these detailed health checks as part of the load bank service, to establish if there are any developing faults and ensure that the diesel generator is able to sustain full load output in an emergency situation.

Diesel Generator Load Bank Testing Benefits

  • Detects any coolant problems
  • Checks radiator functionality
  • Identifies carbon deposit build up on key components
  • Benefit from a more reliable diesel generator for when there is a mains outage

Arranging a Load Bank Test

Unsure whether your generator will support your facility in a power outage? Give us a call!

Shenton Group provides nationwide coverage. We will send an engineer to inspect your site and run a load bank test. Not only will you receive detailed reports on the overall health of your asset, but you will also receive peace of mind and strengthen your power continuity plan.

If you haven’t been regularly load bank testing your generator, the likelihood is that you have an expensive asset sitting there wasting away.

We have a lot of people that call up explaining that they have had a generator on site for years, they are not sure if it works or the condition that it is in. If this sounds like you, we can help. All you need to do is pick up the phone.

Complete Load Bank Testing

Our load bank service is comprehensive and includes:

  • Access to Shenton Group’s expert & experienced engineers
  • Delivery of the rented load bank to the client site
  • Positioning of the load bank
  • Management of the logistics including road closures and crane movements
  • Complete testing of the diesel generator
  • Disconnection and removal of the load bank rental equipment
  • Reconnection to the normal load
  • Detailed load bank test report which can be shared with stakeholders as proof of testing

Book a Generator Load Bank Test

With teams located throughout the UK, we have engineers available to manage any load bank testing and deliver an excellent experience. Call Shenton Group to discuss your diesel generator requirements today.

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