With just-in-time stock management systems and high value chilled and frozen stock, there is very little margin for error when it comes to continuous power across the supermarket sector. A leading German supermarket chain understands this only too well and for one of its large distribution centres, it enlisted shentongroup to provide a Standby Generator solution to guarantee 24/7 business continuity in the face of mains power failure.

20180501_095118As well as security, lighting and air-con demands, the distribution centre houses hundreds of power-critical chillers and freezer units, all of which must be sustained in the event of any power outage. A short temporary downtime would result in thousands of pounds of frozen produce going to waste, causing problems that would ripple up and down the company’s supply chain. Therefore, shentongroup provided a very capable 3 mVA Standby Generator solution that performs well in the LV (Low Voltage) range.

20180501_132044Complete with a 38,000-litre bulk fuel tank, the new Standby Generator fully protects this distribution centre against the uncertainties of mains power supplies whilst operating quietly at just 75db(A) @ 1 metre.

If your business continuity is at risk in the event of power outages, click here to speak to the UK’s leading technical experts in Standby Power, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Combined Heat & Power Systems.

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