shentongroup successfully completed another Generator installation recently at a school in Wales.  This project was built around a 500Kva standby Generator and also included a Fuel fill cabinet which was recessed into the School perimeter fence with Power Pipe leading to the Generator base tank.

The fuel filtration pump panel was connected directly to the base tank.
500Kva Generator on this project

The fuel filtration pump panel is set to filter the fuel every week for 4 hours and was connected directly to the base tank. The 500Kva set itself was Factory tested at shentongroup headquarters with the final commissioning completed on site.  We took care of arranging delivery, off loading and placing into position for the client.  One of our highly qualified Project Managers managed this project from start to finish ensuring the job was delivered on time and within specification.

Another successful Generator installation by the shentongroup team.








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