Future Power Availability and Residential Electricity Supplies

Whilst recently addressing Durham Energy Institute, senior partner in energy systems at Ofgem, Andrew Wright, warned that the future UK electricity system may be one where we cannot access the power we want and when we want it, according to Chronicle Live.

The comments relate to how the renewable energy now replacing aged coal power stations is less constant and therefore requires expensive solutions to manage demands, such as on-site batteries. Sadly, the problem is that the technology required to store vast reserves of renewable energy-driven power is not yet available to support the UK network.

windmills-984137_1920So for residential properties, this may well spell a foreseeable future of brownouts and blackouts, and for larger houses which often tend to be sited in rural and remote locations and towards the end of electricity lines where power is weaker, the probability of mains power failure is heightened. To compound matters, larger residential properties have far greater electricity demands which might include; guest bedrooms and catering, swimming pools, along with CCTV and security lighting. To guarantee continuous power supplies, a stand-by generator is often the most viable solution.

IMG_00000714shentongroup provides a broad range of industry-leading standby generators and has helped numerous residential properties to remain fully functional in the event of mains power failures. To find out more, take a look at our case study entitled “shentongroup Provides Standby Power Solution for Private Rural Property” that examines a project which saw shentongroup provide a 33kVA standby generator working in conjunction with a 100A 3ph AMF Panel; a solution that we delivered to a tight deadline and one that, not only ensures continuous power to a busy residential property, but also supports power for a marine aquarium installation.

To find out more about guaranteeing your continuous power, click here to speak to shentongroup!

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