Fuel Polishing – Cleaner Fuel Equals Healthier Generators

If you’ve not heard the term ‘fuel polishing’ before, it’s the process of removing moisture and microbial contamination from fuel. In this case, generator diesel, and not only does it make for a much more efficient generator, but cleaner fuel contributes significantly to the general health and longevity of a generator; of course, a significant piece of equipment from which a long life ensures a good return on investment.

Fuel Tank“My fuel’s not dirty!” – Well, perhaps not ‘dirty’, but over time, because of the biological nature of diesel, the fuel attracts moisture and sediments can form. Enter shentongroup’s dedicated fuel polishing service! We provide a dedicated fuel polishing machine which can be taken almost anywhere, thanks to it operating on a standard 240v supply, and can be powered from one of our 5kva generators. It’s actually a 110v system, so it’s perfect for building sites and other environments where health and safety departments may have imposed voltage limits throughout a site. So, wherever you need continuous power and backup generators, our fuel polishing machine can be with you, polishing over 2500 litres of fuel per hour.

Fuel TankSo how do we polish fuel exactly? The process utilises an additional 110v transfer pump. Pumping the fuel from your fuel tanks into our fuel bowser, we agitate the fuel, drawing contaminants and condensation through the fuel polisher. Here these impurities are removed and the cleaner fuel is then fed back to the bowser. We repeat this a number of times, ensuring that your fuel is as clean as possible.

If you’re running generators this summer, don’t take chances with dirty fuel. Get the best efficiency from cleaner fuel! Speak to shentongroup about our fuel polishing services today.

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