Imagine for one moment the sheer volume of hot water that a popular hotel might use in just one day. Showers and baths, radiators and taps, catering and cleaning, a gym and a beauty spa, and not to mention the added demands of conference and banqueting facilities, all of which equate to some serious demand. For organisations across the entire hospitality sector, Combined Heat and Power systems generate cheaper, greener electricity from natural gas and convert the heat produced throughout this process into hot water.

CHP SystemWhen a Shepherds Bush London hotel fitting the above description was being built, shentongroup was enlisted to supply a new CHP system. This needed to be installed in the open, on the roof of the building, and comply with strict planning restrictions. In addition, shentongroup was enlisted to install a supporting standby diesel generator for support of the life-safety and essential services power requirements.

shentongroup has a pedigree track-record of installing units into restricted spaces within buildings. For this project, strict height limits on the site lines for any plant on the roof of the hotel building were met by the shentongroup team by devising a workaround, modifying the CHP system’s exhaust so that it now comes out of the side of the canopy, mounting the exhaust silencer on the floor beside it. So that shentongroup service engineers enjoy continued safe access to the unit, a steel walking platform was placed over the top.

CHP generator installationLike any organisation that needs to guarantee 100 per cent continuity of service, the hotel also opted for shentongroup to install a standby diesel generator on the same site.  shentongroup has a unique ability in the UK to supply CHP and standby generators as a sole supplier, and has a special expertise in integrating both of these assets together. This is often very appropriate for hotels and other facilities in the hospitality sector.

To help you to put CHP into perspective, shentongroup provides two free-of-charge whitepapers. The first is ‘When is CHP the right renewable energy choice?’ and the second, ‘Design and operational considerations to get the best performance from CHP systems’.

To find out even more on how your organisation can drive down its energy costs, along with its carbon footprint, click here to speak to a member of the UK’s leading technical experts in Standby Power, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Combined Heat & Power systems.

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