Many of our clients require continuous power supplies in order to function and meet the regulatory requirements within their industry. Working across so many sectors flags hundreds of reasons as to why emergency generators are required and why they should be well maintained.

The clue is definitely in the name, emergency generators are used when a crisis hits. They should be regularly maintained in order to act as your safety net should you be unfortunate enough to suffer from a blackout.

Emergency generators are an independent source of power that when called upon support your systems in a mains power outage. With this in mind, it is worth considering the value they can bring to your business or property, or in other words, what could be lost if the power went out.

The national grid power outages in August 2019 affected thousands of people and brought businesses and transport to a standstill, this further highlights the need to consider alternative emergency power systems.

Emergency Generators Allow For Continuous Operation

The MOD is a prime example of a client that requires emergency backup generators so that they can maintain operations continually, and it is imperative that they have well maintained backup power systems in case they are called upon. At Shenton Group, we provide comprehensive support to our clients, including the MOD. Scheduled startups and load bank testing are taken care of by our dedicated team, right through to maintenance work on canopies to protect generators from the outdoor elements. Shenton Group provides the full package when it comes to keeping your equipment in full working order.

The MOD are located throughout the UK, often in remote areas. The remote nature of some of these locations further highlights the importance of having well looked after emergency backup resource for occasions when the mains supply is cut off.

Emergency Power Supply MOD

Emergency Power Supply Benefits

Having access to an emergency power supply has countless benefits. It goes without saying that hospitals and healthcare facilities cannot afford to suffer from the consequences of a power outage as essential operating and life-saving equipment requires a constant and reliable source of power. However, other industries can benefit from having emergency backup power.

Data centres and financial institutions are under constant pressure to ensure all business systems function no matter what. The benefits of having an emergency power supply at your premises include the protection of:

  • Security systems
  • Lighting
  • Communications systems
  • Customer services
  • Data integrity
Shenton Group Emergency Backup Power Install

Maintaining Your Emergency Generator

Without looking after your emergency generator, can you rely upon it? Although a back-up generator for the majority of the time sits there dormant, the equipment still needs regular maintenance to ensure reliability when it is needed. Over time batteries can become flat, hoses and connections can perish and fluids level can drop. That’s why it is imperative to keep your backup generator in shipshape condition; as otherwise, it is a redundant asset to own.

Shenton Group provides detailed health checks for emergency generators. We supply remote monitoring, servicing, repairs, maintenance and emergency response. Regularly scheduled maintenance plans are available and work out to be very cost-effective.

Our remote monitoring service allows us to predict and rectify any potential issues, and we even have the ability to start or stop your generator should you require us to do so.

Mobile Emergency Power Systems

Not every client has the budget or the requirements of the MOD or of the Health Care sector, but that does not mean you cannot have a contingency plan for an emergency power supply.

For many, an emergency generator call-out contract is sufficient and will protect them and their operations in the case of a prolonged power outage. Likewise, many of our clients make use of our Power Call service for emergency backup power as they may only lease the property they operate out of, and so, a permanent on-site generator is not suitable. Power Call provides you with guaranteed back-up power for your site, with an average response time of 100mins for a small monthly fee. A monthly contract with Shenton gives businesses access to 24/7 support from our strategically placed locations across the UK.

Reduce Your Risk & Enquire About an Emergency Generator

We have over 30 years of experience when it comes to supplying power solutions to our clients, many of whom have just suffered a power-related emergency where there has been an outage and they have been caught out. Protect your business with an emergency power supply that can allow you to continue to run your facility and operation, or at the very minimum, safely shut down and prevent any damage occurring.

We provide a FREE site survey and can advise you on the best solution so that when faced with a loss of power, you are covered. Get in contact today.

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