Although shentongroup has been a trusted ‘go to’ standby power expert for organisations experiencing mains power problems for a long time now (especially since the UK’s reserve power levels began to plummet), the UK’s electricity companies finally announce their new emergency number which enables anyone across England, Scotland and Wales to call in the event of a power cut.

IMG_00001456-1024x1024Dial 105 and instead of having to identify your local electricity network, this easy-to-remember number connects the caller to a central operator. Using caller location, calls are automatically transferred to the appropriate local network operator. Although this new and welcomed service in no way addresses shortfalls in the reliability of National Grid power, at least immediate mains power failure can be addressed more swiftly and effectively. However, companies with critical dependence on continuous power still need to plan their continuous power solutions as stringently as ever.

The new system will work just as effectively from landlines as it will mobiles, with the exception of Three, a network which does not just yet support the new number. Assuringly, for callers who are registered on the network operators’ Priority Service Register, which may well include the elderly and vulnerable, these callers will be swiftly routed to the relevant, specialist teams.

DSC01006With reserve power supplies bottoming-out and dropping to some of their lowest levels in recent years, organisations that rely on continuous and reliable power supplies should take note of another emergency number: 0844 888 444 5 which will put them through to the UK’s Leading Technical Experts in Standby Power, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Combined Heat and Power Systems: shentongroup. Don’t wait until mains your power fails. For many companies, calling 105 simply confirms a power cut and provides no guarantees of return to reliable and full electricity supplies.

To discuss your emergency and backup power supplies, get in touch with a member of the shentongroup team now.

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