To all shentongroup Clients, Suppliers and Stakeholders,

“Vote Leave won a majority”! …………..The news channels are full.

Was it the right outcome?  Were you for in or out?  How can this have happened?  The contrasting opinions continue to fill every inch of space given to this merry-go-round of a subject, and this is only the start!

At shentongroup, we deal with realities.  We’ve decided to keep a level head and adapt to the change!  Regardless of individual opinion, we must deal with what did happen, not what didn’t.  As the saying goes “A bend in the road is not the end of the road….unless you fail to make the turn”!

We wish to reassure you all that we are financially sound, our supply channels are strong, and our commitment to your cause and the growth of our business remains undeterred.

We aren’t panicking, we’re working. Like all major and proactive players in industry:

  1. We have held internal Board and Management meetings to identify the opportunities that this change will no doubt bring
  2. We have taken actions to identify any potential threats and alleviate them where possible
  3. And we have moved to reassure our staff that they have our ear if they have any concerns

We wanted you to know our stance in these somewhat confusing times. We’re sticking to what we do well, we’re focusing on what we can change, and we’re serving our clients with the dedication you have rightly come to expect.

We finish by reassuring you all of the commitment of the entire team within shentongroup, The UK’s leading Technical Experts in Standby Power, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Combined Heat and Power Systems.

Thank you for your support!

Richard Meek | Derek Barry | Darren Meek | Jody Meek  | Curtis Meek
Directors of Shenton Global LLP

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