Continuous Power for Life Safety Systems

With recent events dominating the media, it is without doubt that more focus will be turned upon public buildings and life safety systems. Here at shentongroup we have a wealth of experience in providing generators and uninterruptible power supply systems that back-up life safety equipment which includes; fire alarms, sprinkler pumps, smoke extraction fans and firefighting lifts. Of course, this equipment needs consideration when sizing and specifying standby generators to support it efficiently during any mains failure situation.

Large multi MVA generator installationSpecial attention is required when considering sprinkler systems where the requirement is to provide a power supply that is capable of delivering the full locked rotor current into the motor. In other words, a thorough study of the motor’s characteristics and the standby generator’s output performance is imperative to ensure that the backup generator is neither over, nor under-sized for the task. Besides, available space for life safety generators is always at a premium.

red-wall-fire-alarmThe other overlooked requirements include; meticulous testing, and servicing and maintenance of all emergency power equipment. Sadly, generator rooms can become dumping grounds for bins, refuse and additional storage areas, potentially compromising the operation of this highly important life safety equipment. However, shentongroup specialises in complete maintenance contracts, including regular visits to test and inspect the equipment. We even provide remote monitoring services to ensure maximum uptime and early warning of any potential failures.

To ensure that you are up to speed on standby power supplies for all life safety equipment, speak to a member of The UK’s Leading Technical Experts in Standby Power, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Combined Heat and Power Systems. Click here to contact shentongroup now.

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