Every month shentongroup members nominate their Colleague of the Month. Voting for the member of staff who gives their most, who goes above and beyond the call of duty and who performs their role exceptionally well, here are the shentongroup Colleagues of the Month to date:

August 2016 – Tom Jolliffe
September 2016 – Julie Chapman
October 2016 – Stewart Timony
November 2016 – Darby Thomas
December 2016 – Ken Bentley
January 2017 – Phil Chilton
February 2017 – Terry Catlin
March 2017 – Dan Foster
April 2017 – Stuart Rawlins
May 2017 – Roy Taylor
June 2017 – Julian Barry
July 2017 – Zoe Mitchell
August 2017 – Jenny Gorski

Each of the above won vouchers, gifts, champagne and the sole usage of the shentongroup COM car park space for a month. Are you curious to find out exactly what makes our team second-to-none? Click here to get in touch now!

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