Whilst we’ve enjoyed one of our warmest summers since records began, the UK has undoubtedly experienced one of its busiest years for domestic tourism, with leisure sectors reporting higher than expected numbers.  As hordes of households chose to remain in the UK, leisure centres, resorts and accommodation have experienced greater demand.

20180704_101911Businesses across the leisure and tourism sectors, which tend to have high demands for hot water, are turning to Combined Heat and Power as a greener and cheaper energy source.  Peckham Pulse Leisure Centre needed an energy solution that, not only reduced electricity bills, but integrated with the site’s original heating system.

shentongroup provided Peckham Pulse Leisure Centre with a Tedom Cento T100ST CHP system that generates electricity from less expensive and greener natural gas.  The T100ST boasts an impressive 90% overall efficiency and channels the heat from electricity production into creating large volumes of hot water, supplies that are now routed into the organisation’s original heating system.

20180704_102736Because the leisure centre welcomes scores of visitors each day, shentongroup installed a silent canopy, keeping operational noise to a minimum. A complex flue and ventilation system taking an unusual route was required, and although the installation was described as a ‘tight squeeze’, shentongroup engineers are experienced in the installation of CHP systems into restrictive spaces.

Peckham Leisure Centre’s T100ST CHP system comfortably copes with the electricity and hot water demands of an increasingly busy leisure centre.  The organisation enjoys reduced bills, as well as a smaller carbon footprint. If you think your organisation could benefit from CHP, click here to speak to a member of the shentongroup team now.

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