No Break in Service for Screwfix as shentongroup Replaces Generator Sets

When major DIY supplies company, Screwfix, needed their aged generator sets replacing, shentongroup pulled out all the stops to ensure a seamless migration to a modern 385kVA backup generator. With no break in critical business services, servers and the customer support call centre were kept fully operational throughout the project, thanks to the military-like planning of shentongroup’s Darby Thomas.

Evernote Camera Roll 20160419 160010 (3)One of our newest team members, Darby, who came to us earlier in the year from one of our competitors, project managed a team of shentongroup engineers who first decommissioned two old generator sets.  The client experienced zero break in power supplies throughout this process, thanks to shentongroup temporarily using one of the outmoded 220kVA standby generators to support the data centre/UPS room whilst the essential side of the LV panel was isolated.  Once shentongroup engineers migrated the mains supply breaker for the data centre/UPS room to the essential side of the LV panel they turned the mains back on.

With the new 385kVA backup generator in place and commissioned, the retired 220kVA generator was removed.

In addition to the changeover to the new 385kVA back-up generator, shentongroup also provided a 3000 litre fuel tank and associated Powerpipe.

The main contractors who managed the build had a great deal of good to say about shentongroup and our project manager Darby, expressing that; “Since Darby took over the generator project in January 2016, all the previous issues we had in relation to the power connections and keeping the data centre to the building going were very quickly resolved and a workable plan was put together very quickly…  Darby’s plan enabled me to translate easily to the client the options we had…  Darby then put together a phased time plan and came up with some excellent ideas in relation to future-proofing the site by way of an additional breaker.  Darby even had the foresight to health-check the generator which was proposed to keep the data centre running prior to the project date; foresight which was put to good use, as the engineer found that the batteries were not fit for purpose”.

Evernote Camera Roll 20160419 160110The contractor concluded by saying: “All in all, the day went without fault.  Darby’s very evident excellent project management and communication skills ensured that this day was a success and without fault”.  So, another successful generator project from shentongroup and a client secure in the knowledge that their new backup generator will provide reliable continuous power well into the future.

To learn more about standby generators and how your organisation can protect itself from increasingly precarious mains power supplies, click here to speak to a member of the shentongroup team now!

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