As solar becomes cheaper and cheaper, battery technology switches farming onto the possibilities of energy dependence, according to the NUS chief renewable energy adviser, Jonathan Scurlock, as reported by

shentonpowergobannerWith renewables including wind and solar becoming cheaper, and with the expansion in popularity of biogas, “Battery technology completes the picture”, according to Scurlock, who expects battery usage in agriculture to become widespread. With renewables now being major players in the energy market, 2017 saw the UK’s first non-coal electricity day since the 1880’s, and this year also experienced offshore wind dropping to prices lower than new 35 year nuclear energy contracts.

solar-fieldConsider Power Go, the first integrated UPS, Battery Inverter solution. Farmers and indeed, all businesses with high energy demands, can start to manage their own viable and reliable energy resources.

Power Go, the UK’s Leading Technical Experts in Battery Inverter Systems, offers a range of solutions that allow organisations to harness and store power including LYNC SECURE: a battery energy storage UPS that provides energy services to facilities and the grid and LYNC DR that offers the aforementioned, plus it also delivers services including CAPACITY, STOR, Frequency Response FFR, Frequency Response FCDM and Demand Turn-Up.

If you’d like to see your organisation break free of expensive, unreliable National Grid energy supplies, speak to a member of the Power Go team at shentongroup now (click here)!

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