Another coal-free record has recently been set in Britain, says Clean Energy News and the BBC. The country managed over three days coal-free towards the end of April, the longest that Britain has been coal free since the start of the industrial revolution.

The previous coal-free record was 55 hours, set just a few days previously and only last week, the first two day record was set. With 2018 being the greenest year yet, the government plans to close all coal power plants by 2025.

coal-briquette-black-46801With renewables accounting for a great deal of today’s energy supplies, The Financial Times highlights that the intermittency of wind and solar output, coupled with the lack of visibility that National Grid has over locally distributed power, makes it difficult for the grid operator to predict and manage the electricity system. National Grid plans a new scheme entitled ‘Enhanced Frequency Response’ this summer; a scheme which utilises batteries and other forms of energy storage to help balance supply and demand. With solar contributing up to a quarter of energy supplies on sunny days in 2017, solar does of course make minimal contributions during winter months when power is at it’s highest demand levels. Therefore, a degree of supply uncertainty remains.

coalpexelsIf you’ve not fully considered how your organisation would cope in the face of mains power outages and inconsistent power supplies, shentongroup’s white-papers entitled “Your free guide to protecting your business with the right type of standby power” and “Disaster Recovery Planning – how to create a resilient strategy” will help you to understand some of the potential problems and solutions relating to continuous power supplies.

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