shentongroup not only provides organisations throughout the UK with best-in-class continuous power solutions, but we also provide first-rate maintenance and support services to ensure that our clients experience no break in their services. This was recently the case for a leading Scottish infrastructure and maintenance organisation, thanks to HawkEye2, shentongroup’s remote generator monitoring platform.

asphalt-cars-clouds-2006745Conducting extensive road maintenance operations, network management and Civil Engineering consultancy throughout Scotland, our client demands robust and reliable continuous power supplies and enjoys the many benefits of shentongroup’s Power Care Premier: a comprehensive package of services, 24-hour support and with a 4-hour response time. With the addition of HawkEye2, a number of generator variables are constantly monitored remotely by shentongroup Engineers 24/7, enabling them to identify any potential problems well in advance of them posing any threat to optimal generator operations.

When HawkEye2 flagged-up an oil pressure error within our client’s generator, a shentongroup engineer was immediately dispatched to the client’s site to correct the issue. Setting shentongroup apart from the competition, as soon as shentongroup engineers received the warning through HawkEye 2, the client was contacted, informing them that an issue had been identified and assuring them that it was currently being rectified by our engineering team. The issue was fixed that same day, the client did not have to pay extra for the fix and there was no disruption in service.

Our client reported satisfaction with our service and their organisation continues to enjoy the assurances that Power Care Premier provides: continuous and reliable power when they need it most!

If your organisation demands 24/7 power and you like the sound of shentongroup’s Power Care generator support contracts, click here to learn more.

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