Job Title: SAP Engineer
Set out below is the tasks/jobs and responsibilities that will be expected of you whilst operating as a SAP Engineer at shentongroup.
This list isn’t extensive but covers the main items. It also shows what the overall objective of your role is and who you will be responsible to:

Responsible to: Harry Irving on a day to day basis and the Managing Director
6 month contract to design, construct and implement the following 3 SAP B1 related projects.

DSC002851. Use SAP B1 to store the engineering information, service history and manage the scheduling program for approximately 3500 Equipment Service Contracts.

This work will involve a data migration phase, configuration of the SAP B1 Service Module and the scheduling system found within this module.

Tasks associated with this will include the following:
– The migration of Critical Contract Engineering information from a redundant SQL database into the SAP B1 Service contract module. (Data Transfer Workbench)
– Designing a suitable SAP B1 user interface (B1 UP and Crystal Reports)
– Working closely with senior management to fulfil ambitions
– Managing a Testing and approval program
– Rolling out the new SAP B1 contract management system
– Training staff to use the new system

Drawings SEP20122. Develop SAP B1’s CRM modules to align to Senior Sales Management expectations and ambitions.

This work will involve close liaison with the Sales Director and Marketing Manager to develop the existing SAP B1 CRM modules to be more effective at managing and recording efficiently all touch points with Customers, managing potential leads and providing instant automated CRM KPI information.

Tasks associated with this will involve the following:
– Documenting of existing CRM practices, limitations and processes.
– Designing new methods of working with the SAP B1 CRM modules.
– Configuration of the SAP B1 CRM modules to align to Senior Sales Management aspirations. (SAP B1 B1 UP, SQL queries and Crystal Reports)
– Testing and rolling out approved SAP B1 CRM processes.
– Training Staff in the SAP B1 reconfigured approved new CRM system

DSC001653. Manage the upgrade program of SAP B1 8.82 to SAP B1 9.2/3.

This work will involve planning, coordinating and implementing with our SAP B1 support sub contractor upgrading SAP B1 8.82 to SAP B1 version 9.2/3.

Required Qualifications
– Proof of 2 years minimum experience within the last 4 years of working with the SAP B1 application.
– Able to competently use all of the Microsoft Office Applications.
– Create SQL queries in SAP B1 and use them in B1Up and Crystal reports
– Able to Create SAP B1 document templates using Crystal Reports.
– Have an understanding of the SAP B1 IT infrastructure form the Client install to the backend SQL server.
– Ability to train others in the use of SAP B1.
– GCSC C pass in English & Maths or equivalent
– Demonstrate a thorough competent use of the following four SAP B1 related applications:
– SAP B1 8.82
– Data Transfer Workbench
– Boyum B1 Up SAP add on
– SAP B1 Crystal Reports

– Knowledge of the Sage ACT program and Maringo Project Management Application
– SAP B1 training certificates
– SQL training Certificates
– Approved Microsoft Application engineer
– Ability to run an Application testing program.
– Previous experience in doing an operational SAP B1 application upgrade
– Proven knowledge of the principles contained in ISO 9001 and 27001

A mature experienced outlook is needed with the ability to work under pressure within tight timeframes in order to meet deadlines.
Working hours will be 08.00 – 17.00 Monday – Friday and the normal place of work will be Shenton House, Andover, Hampshire.

This role does not include a company vehicle.

Job description written by: IT Manager
Job description approved by: Managing Director
Date: 8th June 2016

If you feel you have the skills and experience to fulfil this role, please send your CV and a covering email to: [email protected]

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