Your free guide to planning a resilient disaster recovery plan including a business continuity plan to get you started.

The recent storms across the UK have highlighted just one of the many threats to business continuity. As well as hazards caused by extreme weather, rising fuel costs and vulnerability of energy supply can have a massive impact on your business stability.

A disaster recovery plan can be simpler than you may think. This white paper will guide you through the process, from initial risk assessment to creating your own plan, using a set of templates that can be adapted to suit your business.

A business continuity survey conducted by Regus found that 30% of companies with fewer than 50 employees had no disaster recovery plan.

How would your business stand up should the worst happen?

  • The guide covers the following topics
  • What are the risks to business continuity?
  • How can you plan for disaster recovery?
  • Aims and objectives of disaster recovery planning
  • Creating a disaster recovery plan
  • Structuring an Emergency Response Team
  • Working with the Media
  • Summary

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