Power generators

Standby generators

single and three phase generator solutions from 10kVA to 3.2MVA

When your mains electrical supply fails it’s the standby generator that picks up the full electrical load for your building or site to avert disaster and ensure business-as-usual.

shentongroup offers a comprehensive range of single and three-phase standby power generator systems from 10kVA to 3.2MVA. They’re diesel generators British-built to the highest safety standards and suitable for all prime power and standby power supply uses – so you can even run them long-term as your primary or only source of power in far-flung locations.

All of our diesel standby generators and prime-power generators include:
• Full range of weather-proof acoustic canopies to meet specific sound attenuation levels
• Proven industry-leading control systems and switchgear hardware
• Integral bunded base frame fuel tanks and fuel management systems
• Containerised modular solutions
• Custom built drop-over acoustic canopies for quiet generator operation
• Skid-mounted ‘open’ sets for specific applications

From generator remote monitoring to fire shutdown features, you’ll get the exact generator you need.

If you’re considering leasing a generator rather than investing in a permanent generator on-site, please take a look at our generator rental section.

If you own your generator, we offer a range of generator maintenance contracts to ensure your investment remains in peak condition.

Find more information on our generators FAQ page, or call us now to find out more!

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