Rental Generators

For reliable standby power with minimal capital expenditure, we offer flexible generator rental packages for all single-phase generators and three phase diesel emergency generators. Our range includes 30kVA to 2MVA diesel generators, with many suited to prime power duty, and we can provide non-standard voltage and frequency options on request.

Road-towed generators – 30kVA – 200kVA

Rental generators from 30kVA – 200kVA road towed and delivered directly to your site by our own fleet of 4X4 vehicles. Our engineers will carry out all electrical and mechanical installation and talk your facilities team through portable generators operation.

We offer a plug-and-play generator installation; a new, fool-proof way of installing diesel generators quickly and reliably in a wide range of applications, usually in less than 30 minutes. Sets from 30kVA single phase up to 200kVA three phase are available.

Long-term generator rental

For customers with long-term or semi-permanent prime power or standby power needs, we’ll carry out a full site survey to make sure you choose the generator best suited to your needs. We’ll also advise you on and supply AMF control panels, fuel systems and bunded fuel tanks, distribution cabling and any accessories you need.

Large generators and difficult access

Generator sets larger than 200kVA are delivered by dedicated road trailer complete with separate bulk fuel tanks, cable systems and electrical distribution panels.

Sites with difficult access or long-term rental generator sets may be lifted into position using HIAB vehicle-mounted or specialist cranes. We consult with all relevant agencies, local government and emergency services, undertake detailed surveys, and arrange access, road closures, transport and cranes to ensure the safe, efficient and compliant installation of your generators.

All installations are supported by project-specific method statements and risk assessments.

On-site generator service and generator maintenance, together with fuel management, are included throughout the rental period.

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