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UPS maintenance contracts

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and standby power systems have consumable parts that will age with use. At some time during the life of the device, a service issue will arise – the batteries may need replacing, a cooling fan may have failed, or the system develops a PCB fault. Any of these circumstances could result in the UPS not being able to provide battery run-time when the mains fails or the level of protection from mains related power problems, such as spikes and electrical noise, sags and surges.

The more you rely on your power system, the more you need it maintained. A UPS maintenance plan provides a guaranteed time response rather than best endeavours. Maintenance plan customers have priority call on service resources.

shentongroup provides five types of maintenance plan:

Maxicare Plus Power Care Premier Power Care 24 Power
Power Care Lite
Preventative maintenance visit(8am-5pm)**    
24/7 Emergency response*** 4 hr* 4 hr* 4 hr* 8am-5pm*
24/7 technical support       8am – 5pm 8am – 5pm
Remote monitoring (on selected models)          
Free Firmware (on selected models)          
Parts included          

*To ‘Red Alert’ Situations. A ‘Red Alert’ is defined as – A failure of the UPS system following a genuine and extended mains power supply failure

**Visit in normal working hours. Out of hours chargeable as extra (extra service visits charged as extra)

***Excludes batteries and capacitors.
Contracts are not offered on units less than 8KVA because we swap-out the unit under warranty.

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