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What Would Be the Impact of a Cyber-Attack on the UK Energy Network?

Over the summer the National Grid outage demonstrated how reliant as a nation we are on our electricity supply. It would be a catastrophe if there was a prolonged absence of power leaving us in darkness, stranded in our transport network and without the connectivity, we all so heavily rely on.

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Structuring a successful emergency response team

Regardless of how robust your disaster recovery plan is, the success of its implementation will depend on the team that is responsible for it.

Structure your team by ensuring your selected member’s skills match the areas of responsibility. Below is a list of the key team members required and what they should be responsible for. In every case, there should be a primary and secondary member, both of whom will need to be equally briefed. Read more »

Why Is disaster recovery planning so Important?

According to AXA Insurance, 80% of businesses affected by a major incident, either never re-open, or close within 18 months.

Having a robust disaster recovery and business continuity plan, minimises this impact on the business and ultimately, the customer. Therefore, not only is disaster recovery planning important for you, it is important for your customers. Read more »

Power terminology glossary

There are many terms that we come across every day in the power industry. Some are acronyms and others are industry terms. For the obvious to the ambiguous here are our thoughts.

This will be a post that we’ll update every time we think of any others. And if there is anything you’d like us to add just get in touch… Read more »

4 ways to protect your business against a winter of blackouts

The last few weeks has seen media frenzy with soaring energy prices and a winter of blackouts predicted. The chances are you’ve reviewed your business continuity plan to make sure you’re safe but here’s some food for thought about how you can protect your business against the unknown.
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The unreliability of power

In 2006, thousands of businesses were blacked out in Central London for several hours due to a fault at a power sub-station. In California blackouts were experienced across the State caused by an unprecedented usage of air-conditioning units. Read more »

Fears over future power shortages highlights requirement for standby power and CHP

Britain is facing a future where energy prices are going to escalate and energy sources will become insecure and unreliable according to a recent report from the industry regulator Ofgem. It stated that a combination of a global financial crisis, tough environmental targets, increasing gas import dependency and the closure of ageing power stations are to blame for rising costs and uncertain supplies.  Read more »