shentongroup’s experience extends across all industry sectors. With over 30 years in the business, we’ve installed generators, power systems, backup power, uninterruptible power systems (UPS) and combined heat and power (CHP) systems for every type of business, from care homes to banks. All have one thing in common. Continuous power is critical.

Biogas Sector
This rapidly expanding sector is anything but full of gas, so to speak. With more and more Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants coming into operation, the resulting greener biogas is tax exempt. shentongroup provides a range of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems that utilise biogas to generate cleaner, cheaper electricity which boasts a preferable selling price, guaranteed for 20 years from the date the system is put into service.

Of course, with CHP, the waste heat is harnessed to provide heating and hot water supplies, providing even more savings. As more agricultural organisations begin to harness their own biogas through AD, it brings with it a diversification of the agricultural industry, with positive impacts for securing plant and animal production.

They say that time is money. Business continuity is of paramount importance in the financial world and even brief blackouts can cause major headaches. Fortunately, an astute financial mind recognises a sound investment.

We’ve been providing mission-critical continuous power supplies to banking, traders, finance houses and insurance sector clients for decades. We offer a comprehensive range of backup power systems and uninterruptible power supply technology to ensure zero downtime, as well as Combined Heat and Power systems for economic and environmental savings. We also provide 24-hour emergency generator and CHP maintenance and servicing contracts.

To learn how we’ve helped companies like yours in the past, read our finance industry power supply case studies and please contact us to discuss maintaining the integrity of your financial data and services.

The healthcare industry is absolutely dependent on continuous power. Operating theatres, intensive care units, life support systems, mission-critical IT systems and data centres, ambulance control centres and environmental systems all need their power systems protected, or lives are at risk.

We’ve designed and installed bespoke healthcare standby power systems, incorporating power generators, AMF panels and centralised uninterruptible power supply systems for numerous private hospitals and NHS hospital trusts, as well as GP surgeries and residential care homes.

Read some of our healthcare industry power supply case studies, and please contact us to find out how we can help your healthcare facility to enjoy a safer source of power.

In the communications age, consumers and business people want information and contact wherever they go. It places a huge pressure on telecoms companies and their networks to be continually upgrading hardware and networks as well as maintaining service at all times.

The shentongroup range of power supply services takes care of every eventuality and every circumstance. We can design and install custom combined heat and power systems for a more sustainable and stable power supply to large and medium-sized communications centres and data centres.

We can sell or hire out gas or diesel standby generators to bridge power gaps during upgrade works and we even offer uninterruptible power supply systems in combination with our emergency 24/7 standby generator hire service for small telecoms companies with a restricted capital expenditure budget.

If you’d like to find out how we work, read our telecoms industry power supply case studies and please get in touch to find out how we can make all the difference to your operations.

To remain competitive and meet demand across the manufacturing sectors, there is no excuse for not having 24/7 continuous power. This is where shentongroup comes in.

We’ve installed CHP power systems to provide constant power availability for more sustainable manufacturing. We sell and rent out prime-power generators and standby diesel generators for parallel or dual-standby operation. We install uninterruptible power supplies to maintain power in the event of a power cut to mains supply, and there are numerous small manufacturing companies signed up to Powercall, our 24/7 emergency backup generator rental service.

Take a look at some of our manufacturing industry power supply case studies or contact us now to ensure the lasting reputation of your manufacturing business.

When the lights go out and the tills go down, you’re losing money and future custom. Every sale counts, especially in a recession. We’ve been supplying continuous power to the retail industry for 30 years; long enough to know the significant impact on business that a power failure can cause.

Our customers include supermarket chains, retail parks and shopping malls, and even independent shops. There’s no better insurance for large retail premises than a custom-designed prime power supply with UPS to bridge the power gap in the event of a power cut and a backup generator to carry the load until the mains comes back online.

If corporate responsibility and a more environmentally-friendly power supply is a priority, we can specify and supply a Combined Heat and Power system (CHP) to satisfy your shareholders and your budget.

Find out more by reading our retail industry power supply case studies or contact us now to get a quote for the right power supply service for your exact needs.

Whether you are a school or a larger educational site, the importance of continuous power is paramount.

For larger sites, a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system provides the most affordable power supply in the long term; one which will cut heating and electricity bills, as well as offering far more stable power. As well as supplying CHP systems, we also design complete power systems so that, if the unthinkable happens and the mains power fails, you’re not left in the dark. Uninterruptible power supply systems and the right standby generators will keep your essential systems running, even in the depths of winter. We’ve even installed our emergency generator rental connection service, Power Call, at primary schools and nurseries.

Contact us now to find out how we can keep your school warm and well-lit, or read some of our education sector power supply case studies for further benefits.

From maintaining information access and services at local council offices and government agencies, to providing mission-critical power to MoD bases and prime power at remote sites, we’ve a long and proven history serving government-owned organisations and public sector services.

With the CRC scheme making stringent demands of large energy users, our Power Therm CHP system’s proven energy savings of up to 80% are a public sector facility manager’s dream.

Ours is a completely bespoke service and we’re used to working in extremely challenging and secure locations and in strict accordance with MoD health and safety and security regulations.

Read some of our government power supply case studies or contact us for a confidential discussion about your power generation and continuous supply needs.

The utilities sector faces the same power challenges as the telecoms industry: tough SLAs for business customers; busy call centres; regular network and cabling upgrades; and unplanned reactive maintenance works in remote locations with no direct power access.

Our range of single phase and three phase natural gas, oil and diesel generators, including mobile generators for temporary works, runs from a 10kVA engine size to 2MVA and beyond. Large utilities companies are prime targets for the CRC carbon emission reduction scheme. Our Power Therm CHP range provides greener energy and blackout and brownout-proof power protection for any medium or large office units or commercial sites.

You can keep your customers happy too: in the event of maintenance, upgrade or repair works, we can work on your behalf to provide stopgap, short-term backup generators or, if there’s the need, prime power generators for long-term power supply.

Read some of our utilities sector power supply case studies or contact us now to find out how our power management solutions can ensure maximum uptime and total business continuity.

Leisure and Sport
The leisure industry is as dependent on continuous power supply as any other. Sporting venues, gyms, leisure centres and swimming pools, pubs, clubs and restaurants, and of course, hotels all consume a huge amount of electricity to run everything from computer systems to tills, to hot showers. Suffering a blackout from one of the numerous power cuts which strike around the UK can cost valuable business, data and reputational damage.

shentongroup can provide a bespoke power supply solution or backup power generator for hire or on demand. Our nationwide network of is on 24-hour call, so we’re equipped to handle any power supply emergency and on-going servicing wherever your site may be open-air amphitheatre on the coast, to a high-rise hotel in the capital.

Take a few moments to read our leisure industry power supply case studies and discover; exactly how much energy and cost-savings might be possible with a bespoke Power Therm CHP system; how we can safeguard your power with an uninterruptible power supply or standby generator; and even how Power Call can have a small site back online within the hours.

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