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Temporary Power Solutions for Construction

Temporary power solutions for the construction industry are vital in ensuring that any lighting is provided, as well as power for basic building tools and equipment so that work can proceed. A generator will ensure that those on site can continue to work when access to the mains is not possible and that you know the cost of your temporary power supply from the outset.

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National Grid Power Cut Highlights Importance of Emergency Backup Power Supply

The National Grid power outage last week caused all kinds of problems for commuters, businesses and even hospitals. During the worst blackout seen in the UK in over a decade, extensive travel disruption was caused on our railways and roads and at our airports with around one million homes left without power too.

Rather than being caught out in a power outage, there are some steps that can be taken to ensure you remain operational even on the rare occasions when there is a power cut.

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What Is an Uninterruptible Power Supply System?

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) provides emergency backup power instantaneously when the main power source fails or if the voltage drops to an insufficient level or surges and causes an outage.

UPS allows electrical equipment to keep running for a short time, or so that it can be shut down properly by providing additional runtime for up to 15 minutes or longer depending on battery size, in which time a standby power source, such as a generator, can take over.

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Top 5 Weekly Routine Checks for Looking After Your Generator!

Even the very best power generators need regular maintenance to guarantee peak performance. Generators need to be serviced by trained engineers to ensure they are serviced correctly. However, between services visits, there are 5 checks you can do onsite to ensure the smooth running of your generator.

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Exhibition Time – Power Supply Discussions

As you may have noticed Shenton Group has taken a step back from the big exhibition shows this year. Data Centre World was one that we would often appear at as well as AdBio. But after running some of our own successful events such as the Future M&E event we decided to take a break from the big outfits and put on some of our own exhibitions and attend some more intimate events.

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Reigate Data Centre has peace of mind thanks to shentongroup

For this project we needed to place two generators in one acoustic plant room enclosure for a Data Centre in Reigate.  This was no problem whatsoever for our installation team at shentongroup led by Terry Catlin (Project Manager), we are used to providing whatever our clients ask for.

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10 Generators on site for Yorkshire Distribution Centre

6 of the 10 generators

6 of the 10 Generators in place

In June we reported on the first six Generators of ten rolling off the production line for this prestigious project.  We are now proud to announce that all 10 are now safely on site and await commissioning.  These Generators have been installed at a Yorkshire Distribution Centre for a major UK Retailer.

4 of the 10 generators

4 of the 10 Generators at a separate area of the site.

Each of the 10 Generators are capable of producing 550kVA and weigh 5 Tonnes.  The delivery and siting of them was carefully managed by our highly skilled Projects and Engineering teams using 5 Articulated Lorries.  The sets were split into 2 sites for LV1 and LV2 switch rooms.  There will be more to report on this project once it has been commissioned.