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More Power to PowerCall

For organisations that cannot justify a permanent standby diesel generator, shentongroup’s PowerCall is the ‘Power within the hour’ emergency generator service Read more »

As GDPR Ignites the UK Continuous Power Specialist Keeps Data Centres Online

For Immediate Release
Andover, UK

As GDPR Ignites The UK Continuous Power Specialist Keeps Data Centres Online

As organisations of all sizes and types clamber to secure their data, how it is stored and more importantly, how individuals request and receive subsequent communications, shentongroup reminds us how robust continuous power solutions remain the force behind all data centre services. Read more »

CHP – Powering Leisure Swimmingly

With the warmer weather now with us, at long last, you’ll have noticed that radiators are now being switched off in workplaces, hospitals, hotels, schools, colleges and universities; in fact, most other places used by large numbers of people. Read more »

The shentongroup team is growing!

We welcome Daniel to the shentongroup team! Daniel comes with five and a half years of experience working with UPS’s and will ensure the smooth running of projects, on time, spec’ and on budget.

Read more »

March Colleague of the Month

As the UK’s Leading Technical Experts in Standby Power, Uninterruptible Power Supplies and Combined Heat & Power Systems, it’s the individual members of shentongroup that form the whole. Read more »