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CHP training program

With the CHP department continuing to expand at a rate of knots, and our clients constantly affirming that our Tedom CHP is a market leading Read more »

shentongroup increases coverage

In order to continue to improve the company’s reputation for technical ability, quality service and rapid response shentongroup are currently in the process of employing a further Generator Service Engineer, CHP Service Engineer and CHP Project Manager to be included in the team.

Additional rental coordinator employed

shentongroup Rental division have employed an additional Coordinator as the department continues to progress with speed. Having started on 26th November, the new employee has hit the ground running with the rental department benefitting from an increased rental fleet. With 500kVA generators now on the fleet, the Rental division continue to offer their clients the quality service they deserve.

Would you like your generator to earn you, not cost you money?

The National Grid STOR system pays you to have your standby generator on call to top up the grid when they are short of power. This does not leave you vulnerable – you have complete priority. shentongroup can efficiently carry out the necessary works to make your generator compatible with the system.

New electrical engineer joins then team

Due to the ever increasing demand for standby power generators, shentongroups production team have entered the market again and recruited another qualified electrical engineer. Read more »

New rental engineer joins team

shentongroup’s Rental department has recently employed another Rental Engineer to keep up with the increasing sales and further improving our customer service levels. Read more »